Chiropractic care and Athletic Performance

For many teenagers, participation in both athletic events and the performing arts is an integral part of life.  These activities afford young people the opportunity to develop strong character traits such as discipline, leadership, and work ethic.  It’s great when we can “keep them in the game!”

Unfortunately, injury from repetitive physical stress is common in youth sports.  A 2013 case report describes a 14-year-old ballet dancer that began chiropractic care after developing hip pain, knee pain, and restriction.  After 10 specific adjustments, her pain and restriction were resolved and she was back to full ballet performance!

Just like a race car, we can’t forget to keep our young athletes tuned up!  Chiropractic care is commonly utilized as preventative health care and improving athletic performance.  Don’t wait until a symptom develops to start to care for your family’s health!

Come visit Anchor Chiropractic to see how we can help with your athletic performance.  We would love to be your Las Vegas chiropractor.

Baigent, Lily. “Chiropractic Management of a 14-Year-Old Ballet Dancer with Bilateral Hip Pain and Restriction.” Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics

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